Happy Pills

I recently though that it might be fun to imagine what anti depressants would look like if they 
had personalities of their own.

To see them all chick on happy pills below

Perold Vineyard

I recently completed this job, Branding a new wine, and creating the wine label.
I really enjoyed the challenge, and although the result is way more designy than usual, 
I was really pleased by the result. To see the full project, follow the link below.


Long Beach Brewery

For a more detailed look at the packaging I did for Longbeach Brewery,
click on the link below:

The Magnificent Barista Boys

I am very excited to publish this branding project, I worked on it a little while ago. Although It's more "designy" than usual I think it's very cool. Check it out !


Germ Party

The Wonders of the Universe Vol. I
limited edition print

Follow the link below this image to go to the full image


Chalk Mural

Chalk Mural that I just completed for a company called; Get Smarter

Red Cross Netherlands

This is a bit of an older illustration, but unfortunately I forgot to post it at the time. Follow the link below to see the rest of the series and the animated clip